Why we need your support:

The La Grande Farmers’ Market is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to enhance the economic sustainability of our region’s farms by providing a venue for the exchange of quality locally grown goods while creating a vibrant community gathering place.    The market is supported by memberships, sponsorships, grants and vendor fees.  The market operates on a small budget that supports our operating expenses.  These include insurance, licenses, permits, signage, marketing, live music, rental fees, a part-time market manager and more.   We rely on the generous financial support of organizations and our patrons to help implement our mission; Please help us continue to grow and contribute to the success of our local food growers, producers, artisans and musicians.

Please note: while we are registered with the state as a non-profit corporation, we are not 501c(3) – so any donations made to us can only be written off as advertisement.










Please check the appropriate box for your chosen level and make checks payable to the La Grande Farmers’ Market.

Remit to:
La Grande Farmers’ Market
P.O. Box 981
La Grande, OR 9785

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